Katie Davis


As a British mother of 2 young children living in a foreign country I know only too well the trials and tribulations of being a ‘migrant’. Of not understanding a language. Of not having a clue about administration procedures. Of not feeling part of a place. BUT I have money, I have a career, I have a Permit, I have a passport, I can take a flight back home whenever I want. My family and friends can visit me at the drop of a hat. It was when living in Central Nyon back in 2014 that we lived opposite a bunker used for housing new Refugees. An underground shelter with little natural light. None of them knew whether they’d receive permits to stay or whether they’d be sent back on the next flight, knowing their story wouldn’t be looked on fondly by their local governments. They had no french, no english, no community, no job.

It was through this personal experience that I decided to get involved. The family I started mentoring have 4 young children which meant that the mother and I (albeit through a lot of gesticulation) could chat about things that mothers do. The father was a tailor but couldn’t find work and it got me thinking so….. I used my career in marketing, communications and events to build a brand.

I used my network to spread the word. I started brainstorming ideas with like-minded friends and quite soon we had Christmas market
stalls set up.

There is SO much potential and I am so excited about growing what we already have with some exceptional tailors and refugees.