One of our aims is to encourage more of us to adopt a ‘make do and mend approach’ to our entire wardrobe. With this in mind, our professional tailors are more than happy to alter and mend your loved clothes.

We can take up curtains, mend holes, add buttons, shorten trousers… just contact us with your request and a picture of the item/s and we’ll let you know if we can do it. We currently don’t work with knitwear. A little bit of background. It wasn’t so long ago that repairing clothes was an ingrained habit, when spending a slightly larger proportion of your income on what you wore and taking good care of it was the norm, and being able to sew a button or mend a hem was a basic life skill. But with the dawn of  fast fashion , repairing clothes started to feel rather obsolete.

Let’s take it back a step and reinstate this more environmentally conscience way of life. Alongside the carbon-intensive processes of producing and shipping fast fashion, how we dispose of our clothes carries a significant environmental impact. According to  WRAP, around 300,000 tonnes of clothing – worth about £140 million – go to landfill every year in the UK alone.


We have a shop in Nyon that is open every Tuesdays from 11-17 where you can deliver yours repairs, look at our latest products, talk to the tailors, or donate fabrics. Our shop is in the same building as the second hand shop, Friperie Cariatative La Redoute Nyon, where you can find many good bargains.

We also have a repair place in Gland that is open every Thursdays from 12-15. Here you can meet one of our tailors and she can do easy repairs while you are in the boutique, or you can deliver your repairs and get them back within a short while. Our repair place is located in Les Arcades du Borgeraud in Gland. We hope to see you there!

Address in Nyon: Chemin de la Redoute 12, 1260 Nyon

Address in Gland: Rue de Borgeraud 9, 1196 Gland