We are a social impact charity that work with immigrants in French speaking Switzerland to repair clothing and create sewn products from recycled fabrics.
Our ethos is founded on 3 core values:
  1. Supporting the human potential of refugees and creating community engagement for them. The refugees we help were professional tailors in their home countries and through working for Coucoudre can use this expertise to feel a sense of purpose and integrate more fully.
  2. Driving sustainable impact in the textile business. All the products Coucoudre create are produced from unwanted or damaged textiles donated to us in the local area. The global textile industry is one of the dirtiest and most socially irresponsible industries in the world. We want to help change this by reducing fabrics that end up in landfill.

  3. Reducing the impact of the fast fashion industry. We offer a dedicated shop where people can leave their items for repair or alteration at an affordable cost. We advocate for people to tailor and repair rather than buy new.

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