fabric donations

Here at Coucoudre we aim to create all our products from upcycling damaged or unwanted fabrics. Just because your old clothes no longer fit (see our tailoring page) or your duvet cover has a rip in it there is no need to send them to landfill. Think about donating them to us for upcycling or getting them altered or repaired.

If you have any fabrics that you no longer want and you don’t think are charity shop worthy then we have a drop of point in Divonne-les-bains, Nyon and Genolier. All we ask is that they have been washed.

Items we take: Jeans, curtains, duvet covers, bed sheets, fabric rolls or pieces, t-shirts etc.
We don’t take old underwear or baby clothes.

A little bit of background The fashion industry creates a huge amount of waste. During the production of clothes, up to 15% of fabrics are wasted even before the item of clothing has been created.

At home, it is a similar picture. We all have clothes and accessories in our wardrobe that we barely use anymore because they are either too small, toobig, or we do not like the design anymore. The textile or fabric, however, is generally still in a good condition. Therefore, Recycling → and upcycling the clothes is a great way to extend the life of textiles, while also saving

Here are a few of our favourite recycle and upcycle clothing brands:

Beyond Retro

Urban Renewal